I am a third year doctoral student in the Psychology Department at Harvard University working in the Intergroup Neuroscience Laboratory directed by Mina Cikara. I investigate the psychological mechanisms underlying bias and discrimination in social decision-making in order to stimulate innovative strategies for reducing bias that can be translated to scalable interventions. Previously, I attended Yale University where I obtained my bachelor's degree in cognitive science working with Laurie Santos.


I am part of The Rising Over Oppression Through Solidarity (ROOTS) Project, Inc., based in New Jersey. Our organization is dedicated to using a multidimensional approach with children, educators, and families to create a more equitable and inclusive society. Each summer, we hold a week-long residential program for high school students where we build community in order to develop tools to challenge bias, bullying, and oppression as well as create growth plans to catalyze change at personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels.